I believe that through my love of travel and observing cultures, I've become a more empathetic designer. You don't need a computer to understand a problem just a bit of curiosity. 

Orpha is an inspiring source of creativity and a natural graphic designer. Many times she would take a fresh look at a print or web project and think of smart solutions to handling complex set ups. Besides her solid design skills, she is honestly a blast to work with. Positive energy and a perfect fit in any team working towards a common goal. I am a card carrying member of #teamOrpha!
— Chris Traganos, Evernote Director of Developer Relations
Orpha’s positive attitude and strong work ethic can be seen throughout her design work. I was able to work with her during thesis at Suffolk University and I saw first hand how determined Orpha is. She was able to tackle a tough subject matter with a sense of humor and impressive design work. Orpha’s skill set displays her ability to be a detail oriented, reliable, self motivated designer.
— Jordan Viola, Hampton Creek Creative Director
I was extremely fortunate to have studied alongside Orpha during our tenure as Master in Graphic Design candidates at The New England School of Art & Design. Orpha always brings her unique zest for all things design to the table. I had the pleasure of witnessing her not only mature into a creative with a keen eye for photography, but also grew as a designer myself because of her ability to give extensive feedback and to collaborate on multi-faceted design problems. Orpha is a team-player with personality-plus. I look forward to collaborating with my colleague and friend again in the future!
— -Erika Sievert, Marketing Communications and Brand Strategist