senior Ux Designer

January 2016-April 2016
During  this contract position, I was assigned a variety of projects working closely with the product team. My process mostly involved research and then presenting my desktop & mobile wireframes to the product team then handing them off to the designer to develop hi-fi mocks. The projects included: 

  • Redesigning the log in / sign up process

  • Considering new guests entering site from Facebook/Google Shopping

  • What kind of experience will new members have

  • Implementing a new feature to search by brand

  • Redesigning the return process

  • Redesigning the order history page

Wireframe sketches during research stage.   

Project: Shop by brand entry point for A­-Z page
Problem: Our members are very brand driven, yet there is no easy way for them to quickly shop the brands that they're interested in. See More Here

PROJECT: Combine order history and my returns
PROBLEM: The current order history page on desktop and mobile web is not useful. In order to make the member experience better to an enormous degree we are simplifying the process. This will reduce customer anger and calls to the call center. 

Creating a new experience for multiple entry pages