UX/UI Designer (Boston, June 2015-present)

Skills Used:

User Interviewing, Concept Mapping, Competitor Analysis, Feature Analysis, Sketching, User-Flow, User Journey, Lo-Fi Wireframe, Rapid Prototyping, Paper Prototype, User Testing, Clickable Prototype using Invision, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Illustrator


‣Working closely with MWDB founder Gil Duzanski meeting with clients to redesign their websites, branding, and conceptual thinking
‣Going through the Discovery, Research, Design, stages with a variety of clients.
‣Educating clients as to the value of user experience design


Project with media equipment powerhouse, Talamas started in November 2015. After several meetings with the team and helping them understand their product and company better before having them participate in the website redesign. 

Building engines:

Mass Ballet:

Northeastern investment trust: